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Our Group Sales Program offers your group the opportunity to purchase tickets at a special price! Group discounts are available for most family shows and sporting events. Some concerts also offer ticket discounts for groups. Group size requirements vary for each show, but will generally start at 15 or more persons. Get your special discount price today!

Benefits of Group Sales

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Seat locations are determined by the date your order is placed. To assure your group quality seating, make your reservation as early as possible.
For additional information or to book your group please contact:
Jacki Taylor
Phone: 847-649-2451


Upcoming Group Events: 
Sesame Street Live- Can't Stop Singing
Groups of 10+ save $5 per ticket.
Dates:               Showtimes:
April 4, 2014    10:30 AM and 6:00PM
April 5, 2014    10:30 AM, 2:00PM, and 5:30AM
April 6, 2014    1:00PM and 4:30PM

(*Discount excludes Sunny Seats and Gold Circle)

Chicago Bliss vs. Los Angeles Temptation
Groups of 10 or more save $5 per ticket. Contact Jacki taylor at 847-649-2451 or email     Jacki.Taylor@Searscentre.com.

Date:                 Event Time:
May 9, 2014     9:00PM


Chicago Bliss vs. Seattle Mist
Groups of 10 or more save $5 per ticket. Contact Jacki Taylor at 847-649-2451 or email Jacki.Taylor@Searscentre.com.  

Date:                Event Time:
June 13, 2014  9:00PM

Secret US Classic
Group discounts available at several price levels. Contact Jacki Taylor at 847-649-2451 or email Jacki.Taylor@Searscentre.com .

Date:                 Event Time:

August 2, 2014   Jr Session- 1:00PM                                                                                                                    

                            Sr. Session- 6:30PM



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