Badass Dash

Saturday, July 08, 8:00 AM

Badass Dash, the ultimate obstacle course challenge and endurance race for your everyday competitors, last came to the Chicagoland area in 2015.  The Sears Centre Arena will host this world class obstacle course challenge on July 8, and competitors will compete on a 7K (4.4 miles) course using the entire arena space, inside and out!

What to expect at Sears Centre Arena on July 8:

·         Participants will compete inside and outside of the Sears Centre Arena!

·         More obstacles than any obstacle course race --- over 40!

·         A unique distance, 7K (4.4 miles), provides a fun and challenging distance for your every-day recreational and elite competitors!

All Badass Dash participants who complete the challenging, yet attainable, 7K obstacle course will receive newly designed finisher medals, and the top three finishers from each division will receive unique Badass awards. Additionally, each participant will receive a Badass race packet along with a branded Badass Dash athletic arm-sleeve, and access to the festival village and post-race party.

Do you want to compete with your friends?  Teams with a minimum of five members receive 10% discounts, which can be found on the registration page of!

Parking Cost: $10
Ticket Prices: Register online at

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